Us (2014)
short film, 2’, producer, director, cinematographer, editor
Finalist, Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2014
Featured on Artgrease Episode 679
Screened on Channel 20 in Buffalo, NY and PhillyCam in Philadelphia

Never Stop Dreaming (2014)
documentary, 4’, producer, director, cinematographer, editor
Finalist Prize in Professional Category, The Good Story Competition by Our Better World

Horison (Horizon) (2013)
short film, 17’, producer, director, editor
Audience Awards, XXI Short Film Festival 2014
Official Selection, Los Angeles Indonesian Film Festival 2014
Best Short Film Nominee, Piala Maya 2014

Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew (2015)
documentary, 13', editor
Silver Award in Online Video - Documentary Category, 2015 W3 Awards

Roads of Himalayas (2015)
travel documentary, 3’, producer, director, cinematographer, editor
Third Prize in Dissemination/Promotion Category
4th Finisterra Arrábida Film Art & Tourism Festival in Sesimbra, Portugal
Nominated for Jury Prize, 6th International Short Tourism Film Festival of Amorgos in Greece
Screened at The Adventure Travel Film Festival 2016 in UK and Australia

Stephen Wiltshire: See The Big Picture (2014)
documentary, 9', cinematographer, editor
Gold Winner in Web Video - Documentary Category, 2014 W3 Awards